Update from Lisa & Paula

All good things must come to an end. BeeModern was fun, but we have transitioned to other adventures.

Lisa can be reached at www.dougsnuts.com or at www.towerhousequilts.com.

Paula is now designing banking applications for the Federal Reserve and is a volunteer TreeSteward at www.treestewards.org.

How many of you actually read your alumni magazines? Well, once in a while, you’ll find something wonderful! Here’s what a fellow alumna is doing.

Lauren Robertson Junker makes bags, totes and other creative items using old bicycle tires. You can see more products and learn more about the company at www.totallytubebags.com. And yes, the business was started in a friend’s garage.

Recycled Tire Bag

This bag is made from recycled bicycle tires.

Recycled Outdoor Furniture

Finally, some good looking outdoor modern furniture! The people at Loll Designs have come up with some really cool colors and styles. It’s pricey, or “spendy” as they say in the northwest, but think how long they will last. Check them out and get started on your new garden for 2011!

Cool red rocker!


Stop and enjoy the flowers!

Ok, what’s “green” about sunflowers you ask? Well nothing I suppose; except for their leaves and stems. But these sunflowers I saw along the road in Oregon were so beautiful I just had to snap a photo. And what loves sunflowers? Well, BEES of course! Just wanted to make sure you knew that the two girl bees at BeeModern were still moving forward and exploring new concepts in green design. And we’d really like to hear from you!

What’s green in your life?

What green thing have you discovered lately?

What green ideas do you have for BeeModern?

Now get out there and enjoy your day!

Eating out really makes waste-free dining a challenge. Most of the time, my at home meals are waste-free. (Remember our #beewastefree definition—no single use packaging or utensils are discarded…) So how are we doing so far? As of this weekend, we’ve logged 131 waste-free meals. Thanks go out to the Lowell Pine Needlers, an Oregon quilt group. The Pine Needlers have converted their monthly pot luck to be waste free! Instead of paper plates and napkins, plastic utensils, they made a group decision to go green and reusable! I’m still WFH and cooking many of my meals. Veggie trimmings go out into the compost pile. I’ve made at least one family of bunnies very happy!  ~Paula  #beewastefree

Recycled Vase

Is it a telephone insulator or a vase? Well, it’s both. The creative folks at Uncommon Goods have found this recycled vase made from an old telephone insulator. Use it as a vase, use it as a candle holder. Feel good about your purchase!

The art of being green

It’s fun to decorate your home, and why not go “green” while doing so? VivaTerra is offering some creative and colorful roosters and ducks made in Haiti from papier-mache. The local artisans use recycled cement bags, newsprint, and starch from locally grown arrowroot to craft these clever animals. You will feel good buying them AND have something creative and colorful for your home.

We at BeeModern are always searching to find creative, artful, colorful, fun and clever ideas from around the globe!