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How many of you actually read your alumni magazines? Well, once in a while, you’ll find something wonderful! Here’s what a fellow alumna is doing.

Lauren Robertson Junker makes bags, totes and other creative items using old bicycle tires. You can see more products and learn more about the company at www.totallytubebags.com. And yes, the business was started in a friend’s garage.

Recycled Tire Bag

This bag is made from recycled bicycle tires.

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Behold the Snow Bee!

Sometimes we just have to stop and applaud creativity. This is one of those times. Behold the Snow Bee! This snow bee is the creation of Amy Pollien. Notice it’s anatomically correct—representing all six legs PLUS antennae!

I don’t know Amy, but when I saw the Snow Bee, I wrote to her for permission to show it here. Amy keeps bees and is an accomplished artist. Her creativity is obviously not limited to the canvas. Click on the image below to see her blog with snow bee making hints (see comments). Take some time to look at her art while you’re there. She’s very talented.

Amy Pollien's Snow Bee

The yellow stripes were made with food coloring.

One last note… Amy says next time she’ll probably use orange instead of yellow food coloring. That would likely help eliminate most of the “yellow snow” jokes.

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Why not make your special someone some cookies for Valentine’s day? Or better yet, buy them (if they are really special) a mixer of their own. It always surprises me when someone doesn’t own one of these kitchen appliances. I started out “life” in the baking business and so from the tender age of twenty-something I had my first Kitchen Aid Mixer. Back then I don’t think they made them in RED, but now they do! So here’s your chance to make a statement! BEE SWEET!

Buy me now!

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I happened to see some beautiful modern furniture today on the web. Even better, it’s made from recycled materials, in this case, scrap wood. The artist, Michael Yonke, upcycles by repurposing materials into objects with higher value. Check out his site, www.upcycler.com to see his Agave Wood Surfboard Table.

Eco-art furniture made by Michael Yonke.

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Fun with Binder Clips

I was shopping at The Container Store a few weeks ago and came across these really cute binder clips with words on them. My friend and I thought, hey, we can make these ourselves and put our own fun words on them. This DIY method would be more cost-effective and more fun! But before I had time to get my clips, my friend Joyce made some up for me that said, “Do!,” “File,” and “Send.” And they were all different colors!

Curiosity (along with a flu bug that put me in a chair with my computer) sent me looking for more info about binder clips.  I went searching on the internet for who might be making these things. And oh my way I found! Did you know you can get leopard print binder clips? How about a video to make a reindeer from binder clips? Or other blogs blogging about the uses of binder clips? As usual, I didn’t get there first with my idea, but never mind, it’s all good fun.

So dig out those old binder clips, get a sharpie marker and get started! Your imagination is the limit. You’ll be creating something artist and useful from something that was once just useful. Into every day a little creativity should fall!

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Need “eco” help, have “green” questions or want to find recycling locations? Check out these websites for information:

US Environmental Protection Agency

National Recycling Coalition

Nonprofit recycler Eco-Cycle

Do you have favorite green sites? Please let us know!!

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Join us this Friday, November 13 between 4:30 – 6 pm to meet the BeeModern founders and our featured artist, Diane Davis. Depending on your location, you will meet Paula, Lisa or Diane. Everyone who attends will receive a FREE BeeModern Memory Enhancer (while supplies last)! Each location will also host a drawing for a FREE GIFT.

Paula, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Wrangler, will be at Greenberry’s Coffee in Arlington, Virginia from 4:30 – 6:00 pm (Eastern)
Greenberry’s Coffee, 1737 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA
Paula says, “The after party will be next door—strawberry margaritas, anyone?” (No host bar.)

Lisa, Co-Founder and Chief Fun Officer, will be at Full City Coffee from 4:30 – 6 pm (Pacific)
Full City Coffee (High Street Cafe), 295 E 13th Avenue, Eugene, OR
Lisa says, “Buzz on in for some fun!”

Diane, Featured Textile Artist, will be at SEED at The Camp in Costa Mesa, CA from 4:30 – 6:00 pm (Pacific) Go up the stairs to the teaching area or just ask for Diane. Diane says, “Come on by!”
SEED, 2937 Bristol St, Suite C101, Costa Mesa, CA

To see a preview of Diane’s creativity at work, check out our Felt Gift Pouches on BeeModern. These are reusable gift wrappers that are so cute you’ll want to keep them. But we hope you start a new tradition and regift them to give them another life. (Good for passing secret messages too!)

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