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In case you haven’t read about them yet, La Cocina in San Francisco is an organization that supports immigrant women who are hoping to start their own food businesses. OK, so it isn’t just chocolate, but some of these women appear to have come up with some really yummy chcolate treats. For example, how about chocolate shortbread from Kika’s Treats? It’s handmade in San Francisco. Or how about chocolate-toffee bars called Clairesquares from Claire Keane? If you haven’t yet ordered something for your sweetie for Valentine’s Day, check out the La Cocina website. Support a unique idea, support women, support made-in-America, support entrepreneurs….and yes, you might even find some treats you really, really enjoy!

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Sweet Eugene

Many years ago I worked for a chocolate company called “Cocolat” in the San Francisco Bay Area. We made the best fresh chocolate truffles this side of France. So when I moved to Eugene, Oregon a few years back, I was pleasantly surprised to find fresh truffles at Euphoria Chocolates. They are locally based in Eugene and have several locations. They make a lot of molded chocolates, but I think their fresh truffles are the BEST. And I dare say I call myself an expert in this area! Hey, I even have a large drawer in my kitchen devoted only to chocolate. So yes, I am a chocoholic and proud of it. If you haven’t yet tried a Euphoria chocolate truffle, which comes in many flavors, then either drive yourself to one of their locations in the Eugene area, or check out their website and order on-line. These make great gifts the whole year round, but as you know, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Bee Sweet!

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