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Behold the Snow Bee!

Sometimes we just have to stop and applaud creativity. This is one of those times. Behold the Snow Bee! This snow bee is the creation of Amy Pollien. Notice it’s anatomically correct—representing all six legs PLUS antennae!

I don’t know Amy, but when I saw the Snow Bee, I wrote to her for permission to show it here. Amy keeps bees and is an accomplished artist. Her creativity is obviously not limited to the canvas. Click on the image below to see her blog with snow bee making hints (see comments). Take some time to look at her art while you’re there. She’s very talented.

Amy Pollien's Snow Bee

The yellow stripes were made with food coloring.

One last note… Amy says next time she’ll probably use orange instead of yellow food coloring. That would likely help eliminate most of the “yellow snow” jokes.

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