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Why not make your special someone some cookies for Valentine’s day? Or better yet, buy them (if they are really special) a mixer of their own. It always surprises me when someone doesn’t own one of these kitchen appliances. I started out “life” in the baking business and so from the tender age of twenty-something I had my first Kitchen Aid Mixer. Back then I don’t think they made them in RED, but now they do! So here’s your chance to make a statement! BEE SWEET!

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Sweet Eugene

Many years ago I worked for a chocolate company called “Cocolat” in the San Francisco Bay Area. We made the best fresh chocolate truffles this side of France. So when I moved to Eugene, Oregon a few years back, I was pleasantly surprised to find fresh truffles at Euphoria Chocolates. They are locally based in Eugene and have several locations. They make a lot of molded chocolates, but I think their fresh truffles are the BEST. And I dare say I call myself an expert in this area! Hey, I even have a large drawer in my kitchen devoted only to chocolate. So yes, I am a chocoholic and proud of it. If you haven’t yet tried a Euphoria chocolate truffle, which comes in many flavors, then either drive yourself to one of their locations in the Eugene area, or check out their website and order on-line. These make great gifts the whole year round, but as you know, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Bee Sweet!

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