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Recently I was invited to a presentation at BethesdaGreen.org, an innovative green business incubator. Jennifer Kaplan, author of Greening Your Small Business, was slated to speak. The talk was conveniently scheduled for lunch time and we were asked to bring a No Waste lunch. Well, that got me thinking and (of course) I went straight to Google.

Eureka! There are lots of helpful sites that offer tips for a waste-free lunch. Most sites include these TOP THREE TIPS:

  1. Put food in reusable containers.
  2. Use cloth napkins.
  3. Bring your own reusable utensils.

Of course you can get creative—try Bento Boxes, whole fruit wrapped in a bandana, sandwiches in edible paper. Did you know you can make butterflies from edible rice paper? But I digress…

Have your own fun coming up with creative No Waste Lunches.

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