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Is it a telephone insulator or a vase? Well, it’s both. The creative folks at Uncommon Goods have found this recycled vase made from an old telephone insulator. Use it as a vase, use it as a candle holder. Feel good about your purchase!

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It’s fun to decorate your home, and why not go “green” while doing so? VivaTerra is offering some creative and colorful roosters and ducks made in Haiti from papier-mache. The local artisans use recycled cement bags, newsprint, and starch from locally grown arrowroot to craft these clever animals. You will feel good buying them AND have something creative and colorful for your home.

We at BeeModern are always searching to find creative, artful, colorful, fun and clever ideas from around the globe!

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I don’t want to be negative, but I know I can do better with my waste-free efforts. Starting in July with the celebratory picnic and BBQ activities, including a Bethesda crab feed, it’s been difficult to stay on the waste-free path. Everything seems to come wrapped in paper! (FYI – I brought my own fork and cloth napkin to the crab fest, but couldn’t call it a waste-free meal.)

So, now that the celebrations are over, including the most recent wedding shower, I will concentrate on our #beewastefree initiative.┬áJust so you know I haven’t been a total slacker, I did make a recycled paper card and flower sculpture for the guest of honor. It took more time than I expected because I haven’t been that crafty for a while…

Recycled Paper Flower 2

Recycled paper tends to be crinkly which lends itself to organic shapes.

Recycled Paper Flower

Another view of the recycled paper rose.

Oh, and one last thing… The gift for the bride (and groom) is a live tree and some bulbs for their yard. ~Paula

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Is it time for a new pair of eye glasses? If so, there are more options than ever out there now. But you probably knew that. It’s actually kind of hard to choose a frame these days. After spending quite a bit of time mulling over which pair to get, I was shown some glasses that were recycled plastic. Yes, check out modo.com. They look great, are lightweight, are stylish, and made of recycled plastic! A great choice.

Recycled Frames

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