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Tired of using those plastic bags in the produce section? Well in addition to bringing in your reusable shopping bags, why not get some reusable produce bags as well? Here is one we think is cool from Magnolia Organics.

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Magnolia Organics Reusable Produce Bag 2 Set

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Reusable is all the rage, and if you can sew, it’s not hard to participate in this trend. Make your own reusable lunch bag!

Piece by Piece Fabrics in Eugene, Oregon has a lunch bag pattern from possibilities that is lined with PUL (polyurethane laminated fabric), which is a tough waterproof fabric that can withstand multiple washings.  So, this lunch bag can be tossed in the wash used over and over again. It is quick and easy to make. It might even take you longer to make a choice about which great fabrics to use in it because Piece by Piece has so many great modern fabrics to choose from. Check out their website or blog.

Make your own!

Waste-free lunch, here you come! #beewastefree

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As part of a waste-free lunch, why not add a reusable coffee cozy to your bag of tricks? There are lots of free patterns out on the web if you want to knit your own or sew your own.  Or check out Treehuggers blog which lists many different styles; one of which is bound to be just right for you.  And here is one that’s a cool green color:

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ECO CUP Replacement Sleeve I Am Not a Paper Cup Sleeve Green Silicone

Drink up!

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Recently I was invited to a presentation at BethesdaGreen.org, an innovative green business incubator. Jennifer Kaplan, author of Greening Your Small Business, was slated to speak. The talk was conveniently scheduled for lunch time and we were asked to bring a No Waste lunch. Well, that got me thinking and (of course) I went straight to Google.

Eureka! There are lots of helpful sites that offer tips for a waste-free lunch. Most sites include these TOP THREE TIPS:

  1. Put food in reusable containers.
  2. Use cloth napkins.
  3. Bring your own reusable utensils.

Of course you can get creative—try Bento Boxes, whole fruit wrapped in a bandana, sandwiches in edible paper. Did you know you can make butterflies from edible rice paper? But I digress…

Have your own fun coming up with creative No Waste Lunches.

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BYOX, IOW Bring Your Own

BYOX is my own new acronym. It means Bring Your Own (X=whatever). Recently I received a welcome letter from the Arlington Tree Stewards. The email asked us to bring our reusable cups and to fill out forms for ride-sharing. The Lowell Pine Needlers (I LOVE that name!), my sister’s quilt group, recently changed to a BYOU (Bring Your Own Utensils) format for their monthly pot luck. Think how much they’ll save by not having to purchase disposable items every month. On the east coast, Bethesda Green is hosting a lunch and learn, with Jennifer Kaplan speaking about her new book, Greening Your Small Business. And, they’ve requested that attendees bring a no waste lunch. Count me in!

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Tired of plastic this and that? Try out the containers from Lunch Bots They are good-looking, functional, and reusable (my favorite part). Made from stainless steel, they should last for years. Get the LunchBot containers, put them inside a BeeModern bag, and you are set to go! Oh, and you’ll look and feel good doing it. I know it’s on our holiday wish list! What is your favorite reusable food container?

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