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I marvel at the grocery store. Everyone I know has oodles of tote bags. But when I go to the grocery store, where are they? Most folks are not using them.

The people I know who use bags consistently have a system. They generally keep their bags in the front seat, where they are in view when the urge to stop at a store strikes. For these people, bringing reusable bags to the store has become a habit. Write the list. Bring the bag. Turn off the lights. Lock the door.

Some stores are rewarding these eco-minded shoppers. Last week at my Trader Joe’s I learned that as a tote bag user, I’d be entered in a contest for FREE groceries! Use your tote bags at the Falls Church, VA store and you are entered in a monthly drawing for $50 worth of TJs merchandise! What a great idea! I don’t know if all the stores are doing this, but I hope so. Nothing is mentioned on their web site, but you might enquire (suggest?) at your neighborhood store.

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