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Here are some ideas and resources for reducing the quantity of junk mail that can overrun your mailbox this time of year. Some of these are well-known, but we hope to provide you with at least one new idea.

  • Use DMAChoice, an online service developed by the Direct Marketing Association. (DMAChoice offers both an online option and a form to print and mail.
  • Sign up for Catalog Choice, a free service that lets you reduce unwanted paper catalogs by mail.
  • Call the 800 or other toll free number on the catalog and ask to be removed from their mailing list.
  • Prepare a standard letter to charities to whom you do not plan to give. (Yours is a very worthy cause, but my giving is limited, and I have selected other charities…) Send this in the prepaid envelope they provided for donations. Be sure to clip and tape on the mailing label with your address so they know who you are.
  • Check out Declaring Your Independence from Junk Mail – a How To Guide.

Here’s wishing you happy holidays and a lighter mailbox in the new year. If you have success with other methods, we’d love to hear about them!

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