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Why not make your special someone some cookies for Valentine’s day? Or better yet, buy them (if they are really special) a mixer of their own. It always surprises me when someone doesn’t own one of these kitchen appliances. I started out “life” in the baking business and so from the tender age of twenty-something I had my first Kitchen Aid Mixer. Back then I don’t think they made them in RED, but now they do! So here’s your chance to make a statement! BEE SWEET!

Buy me now!

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Stumped for a cute way to express yourself this Valentine’s Day? Create your own messages on the traditional favorite heart candies, then tweet or email them to your special friend(s). This is a fun little webapp. But you’ll have to be brief—no 140 character Twitter novel here! You may be looking at 18-20 characters total on two lines. See what you can come up with.

Bee Sweet!

Have fun writing your own SweetHearts messages.

Of course you can guess which hearts I like the best… the GREEN ones, of course! Actually, all of these hearts are green—not over-packaged, low calorie Valentine treats, just pretty pixels. Remember to Bee Sweet this month!

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Looking for that sweet gift for Valentine’s Day? Check out the Oregon Brigittine Monk chocolate fudge. Yes, that’s right, what could be better than monks making fudge?  I’ve personally had this fudge and confess that it is heavenly. Whether you are looking to support Oregon businesses, or just want something sweet and yummy, this just might be the gift that puts that halo back on your head.

What’s “green” about this you ask? Well nothing really. BeeModern is on a mission to bring you lots of sweet ideas this month. And we hope that you won’t just stop with Valentine’s Day…we want you to BEE SWEET all year long.

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